Redefined Rhinestone Value

  • Founded in 1982, by Mr. Chen Jin Fa.

    Gaang Feing started the business with trading rhinestone materials, mainly are Swarovski Rhinestone. With our decades of experience, we believe that the rhinestone could be widely applied not merely on garments due to its variety. This idea makes us to devote to the Rhinestone designs on various areas to have more possibilities and creativity in life.

    Gaang Feing is committed to the creation of authentic and continuous innovation in design and manufacturing. Utilized the infrared ray technology and knowledge on rhinestone, we stated the OEM collaboration with branded company.

  • OEM collaboration with Guess.

    OEM collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana.

  • ODM and OEM collaboration with WHY and 1/2, Et Boite and Crodocile.

    Started our own brand – GFSD. GSFD has a diversified product offering across stationary, home decoration and gifts.

  • Started to join the trade exhibition to make more people know our high qualities rhinestone products.