Hot fix Materials

  • Swarovski
  • Korean Rhinestone
  • Rhinestuds
  • Hot Fix Nailheads
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The top of line rhinestone is Swarovski rhinestone, which is the premium brand for the finest crystal manufactured by Swarovski from Austria. Swarovski rhinestone and jewels feature superior cutting and polish for great sparkle and shine. More than 100 years of dedication have transformed the name Swarovski into the synonym for crystals. They have set the standards for rhinestone manufacturing industry. Today, the name of Swarovski stands for exacting workmanship, quality and creativity all over the world.

Korean Rhinestone

The Korean Hot fix rhinestones are the two-cut molded glass rhinestone with high brilliance and a through quality control, which makes them affordable, yet brilliant.
We choose the best quality Korean rhinestones are consistent in all size and shapes to ensure it matches higher standard of most our customers.


Rhinestuds are metal and also called faceted nailheads. The metal embellishments add lot of sparkle at an excellent price. They can be mixed with rhinestones to create some great designs. The good quality rhinestuds we choose are Korean rhinestuds, they can be very good gross and the color is not dark. Furthermore, they also can be hot transferred on cloths and other materials firmly with proper temperature and pressure.

Hot Fix Nailheads

Hot Fix Nailheads are smooth, flat and come in a multitude of sizes, colors and shapes for every project. These materials also have good metal embellishment with lower cost and to be mixed with rhinestones and rhinestuds to create stunning design.